Student Internships

The Institute for Public Health periodically accepts Master's level students for paid and/or unpaid internships as projects become available.

To apply for a posted position, or for placement on the IPH student internship wait-list, please submit a student application form that summarizes your skills and interests.

For wait-list submissions, students will be contacted in the event of an opening with the IPH or our collaborators. Please do not submit your information more than twice yearly.

Please note, students who would like to request field practice credit for internships at the IPH are responsible for completing all required divisional paperwork. Guidelines can be found on the School of Public Health website. You may also log into the Blackboard website to find the information on additional requirements for your Division.

Submit a Student Internship Application Form

Student Internships at Other Public Health Organizations

The Institute for Public Health also assists students and local public health agencies by facilitating internships between the School of Public Health and local public health agencies. Agencies interested in hosting a graduate student of the Masters in Public Health program at SDSU can complete the online Internship Opportunity Form. Submissions will be directed to the Field Placement Coordinator for follow-up.

To learn more about the internship program requirements and process for becoming a formal site, check out the new website at or contact Karen Bergmann at

SPH Gradulate-level Students who would like assistance in finding an internship or would like to request field practice credit should review the field practice requirements and guidelines located on the School of Public Health website. Divisional requirements may differ; therefore, students are advised to check with a faculty advisor and/or blackboard.

Last Updated: 7/26/2018